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The Non-Livingstons #001 The Non-Livingstons #001

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this is hands down, the finest animation ive seen on newgrounds... i never thought id see a flash that impressed me more than the brackenwood series, but this was animated so smoothly, voiced so perfectly, perfectly timed, and such a great concept. incredible. i cant even pick apart individual things to speak of, because the entire piece was awesome...and the music selection was astounding!

Batman's Greatest B... Batman's Greatest B...

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

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just so you know batman's "ancient" history predates the shitty adam west series by thirty years. and he was much much darker when he first came out. when the series came out, it was during the eisenhower presidency, when everything was forced happiness. it was a time of war and no negative imagery was being portrayed. hence the creation of the uber-campy tv show... fans of the show didnt appreciate the dark knight, so they changed batman in the comics to match the horrible adam west version. its only within the last 15-20 years that batman has re-emerged as what he is: a psychotic millionaire, with emotional troubles far outgrossing those of the average slipknot fan. that in and of itself is dark. everyone knows that in the 60s batman was a joke, so this whole boner thing comes as no major surprise. mildly funny.

Zero Instinct(TM) Trailer Zero Instinct(TM) Trailer

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to be constructive:
for your first real attempt, it looks pretty good. but then again, there really isnt much to it. a few minor redesigns of sonic and knuckles. they arent even vectorized. backgrounds are all lifted from video games. you yourself didnt put much serious effort into the creation of much of this imagery. however, for a first attempt, its looks good, and the 2.61 you currently have is pretty damned good for a first try. most get blammed off the face of the planet

Blake-Zero responds:

Well Thank You for the comment. You are very much correct. Only drawings I did would been the hedgehogs. The BG was Taken from Video games and Anime Series.

Thanks for the Comment. I hope to make a better movie from your advice

dan vs nick pt 2 dan vs nick pt 2

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one for graphics, because they are just lifted from dragonball z. that in itself is the reason i clicked blam. you might not have traced dragonball z directly, but you obviously were looking at that crap while drawing. dragonball z blows goats. learn that soon, and well all feel better.
i gave a one for style, because not only did you copy dragonball graphics, you pretty much just recolored a couple characters. even the "holycrapimreallystrongandairisblowingupunderneathmemakingm
eopenmymouthangrily" thing. which sucks. style would also indicate there was some. there wasnt.
sound is a 4. predictable choices. but decently recorded.
violence is a 2, because ive been in fights. ive been in barfights. ive seen the matrix. ive seen every kung fu movie brought to america from jet li to bruce lee. ive also been around a while, still havent seen anyone flex so hard it made the wind blow.
interactivity is a zero...because interactivity was zero
humor, because this just is not funny.
i like anime. i like manga. meow mix meow mix please deliver. if you like action, rock on. dragonball z blows. my 9 year old cousin doesnt watch it because he says its "for kids"
youre older than 9 right? right?

Warhammer:Montau Broken Warhammer:Montau Broken

Rated 2 / 5 stars


its good to see a games workshop influenced flash, so major kudos for that. the artwork was majorly lacking though, and it was kinda herky jerky as far as scene progression. great effort, and for your first flash, that was phenomenal. great job with the intro menu.

Medicated Baby-Heads Medicated Baby-Heads

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fuck babies

this is definitely a step up from the last N.Y. and its good to see something without Foamy. perusing through the reviews, however, makes me realize a couple of things. number one: nobody gives a shit if you have a kid or not. if you do, congratulations, you are the ultimate egomaniac, attempting to create a miniature version of you, to control and mold into another fucked up incomplete version of yourself. either way, dead babies are funny. always have been, always will be. wanna know why? because they are NOT REALLY DEAD!! for that matter, theyre not really REAL either!! and if you cant distinguish fact from a fuckin internet cartoon, youve got more issues than anything foamy could rant about.
number two: if you dont like neurotically yours, that is fine. in fact, thats great, it shows you dont go with the crowd and have some individualism. so keep that individualism to your damn self. if it has a strawberry with a clock on it, maybe youd like it more. personally i like things that are just a bit skewed. salad fingers is a LOT skewed. so i enjoy this series...sure it has its downpoints, but look how friggin many there are! if you didnt like one, try another!!! if it annoys you entirely...just walk away!
and big number 3!! when writing a review for an ongoing series from a prolific author, such as illwillpress, dave, super flash bros, or their ilk, dont act like a moron. read something else, check their site, watch another episode or clip. chances are, whatever comment you made or question you had will be answered or rectified or is currently BEING rectified. within 5 minutes of submitting a big name flash like this, there is a thousand reviews. think you REALLY need to say the same thing someone else did 5 times already? no, you fact, you dont need air either, so quit doing THAT.
and four: go look up ilk, you illiterate fucktard.

OrangeClock: a tribute OrangeClock: a tribute

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nice audio lift. funny standup...but im so goddamn sick and tired of this clock fruit crap!!!! its not funny! put a clock on something? what the fuck is that? and EVERYONE does it! i dont get it, its never once caught me as funny. and this lock thing is stupid too, glad it wasnt in here.

BellClock responds:

I guess it needs to grow on you. I like the clocks :).

Resident 101 Resident 101

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cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt. its a friggin word, get over it. i call everything cunt, including walls. previous reviewer take note: cunt is common parlance in england, and he was using a british accent. problem is NONE OF IT MADE ANY SENSE!! im sure it was funny, if i had any idea what was going on. who was who? wtf?

SunChipsClock responds:

Yes yes, OR MAYBE! I never wanted you to know what was going on...maybe it was all part of my...EVIL PLAN! Mwuahahahahaha!


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finish this. finish this. finish this. THIS is what flash is all about, pushing the envelope of what the entire program can do.

Big Bag Big Bag

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this they thought was worthy of underdog of the week. in a land where this gets underdog of the week, and playground is on the frontpage, i find myself wishing there were better flash sites.

at least better submissions